About us
Experts in Quality Assurance & Compliance, Information and Publicity.

Q-support is your partner for an efficient and reliable pharmaceutical quality management system. You gain extra time and compliance through our pragmatic approach for the handling of your information & advertising. Our (industrial) pharmacists are experts passionate about their jobs, to support your business and your specific needs.

From a to z

We feel comfortable handling the entire process. Gradually implementing the correct procedures, making your activities run in accordance with the current directives and ensuring that you are well prepared in the event of an inspection. Only need us to handle part of the process? No problem. Q-Support is an external partner, offering a full yet flexible range of services.


We value a transparent working environment and being in close contact with our customers. We’ve made this possible through our digital platform. No more back-and-forth e-mailing. As our customer, you’ll be able to access all your files around the clock. Making an adjustment, re-reading, checking or approving are only a mouse click away.

A personal approach

As external service provider to your business we will be working from our own offices. Yet, a personal approach remains very important to us. A sole point of contact, a familiar face is Q-support’s way of offering a personal service that advances your business. But that’s not all. We guarantee a flawless follow-up by a highly motivated team, continuously up to speed with your activities.

Proactive partner

Our experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry is our biggest asset. An asset we would like to offer to the benefit of your business. Acting as QP, RP or RIP, we stay on top of legislation to proactively assist you with your pharmaceutical activities. On top of that, our staff practices lifelong learning. Not only about all things pharmaceutical, but also where personal interaction is involved. This benefits the relationships we establish with our customers.

Versatile knowledge

Our staff are pharmacists who know the industry-specific legislation inside out. And Q-support offers even more. Q-support cooperates with specialised legal experts able to address questions that transcend the purely pharmaceutical aspect. This makes Q-support a one stop shop for all your questions regarding regulations and legislation.

Interested in working with us? Feel free to contact us, without obligation.

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