Responsible person for information & promotion
Our Responsible Person for Information & Publicity (RIP) services

Pharmaceutical information and interactions with health care professionals are vital parts of our industry.

Providing objective, accurate and complete information on medicinal products is what we assist you with. And with pleasure! Offering bonuses and benefits, advertising, organising a science congress, handing out free samples. These are all activities subject to strict regulations. We master all the relevant RIP knowledge to provide guidance and assistance to your business.
You will contract Q-support for:

  • Assessing and approving sponsoring
  • Assessing and approving promotional materials
  • Distributing free samples
  • Answering requests for or approving medicinal information
  • The approval of abbreviated patient information leaflets
  • Approving translations (Certificates of conformity)
  • Drawing up contracts and agreements with healthcare professionals

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