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April Van De Mieroop, Industrial Pharmacist, Qualified Person, Responsible Person, Responsible Person for Information & Publicity

Since 2010, April has held several positions in Quality department of major international pharmaceutical and consultancy organizations before founding her own company Q-support. Her extensive knowledge of Quality and Distribution, and of the pharmaceutical industry wildly has already shown to be valuable in many complex projects.

Positive and determined, April always goes the extra mile to make it work.

Selly Van Parys, Industrial Pharmacist, Qualified Person, Responsible Person

Selly did her QP internship at Novartis Puurs where she then started her career in 2021 and gained experience in Quality Assurance, more specifically in deviation and escalation handling, APQRs and audits. By working closely with the Qualified Person, Selly’s interest grew to continue her career in this area.

Structured and eager to learn as Selly is, she will not shy away from any challenge and will try to bring every assignment to a successful end!

Kelsey Frederickx, Industrial Pharmacist, Qualified Person, Responsible Person

Kelsey took her first steps in the pharmaceutical industry in 2021 with a QP internship at Pfizer. After this, she decided to continue her career within the media fill team at the same company. Ready for a new challenge, Kelsey decided to give her career a new direction and start as a QP/RP associate at Q-Support.

Kelsey is a very driven and eager to learn person and wants to make a success of her career at Q-support. She will therefore do everything to bring every project to a successful conclusion.

Marc Callant, RP/QA Expert

Marc has worked for over 20 years in GMP (QA/QC), GDP and GLP, in both small and large organizations.  Marc has developed his quality experience close to the operations, on subjects as varied as quality system management, batch management, setting up electronic systems, running a QC lab, setting up documents, and managing audits and inspections.

Marc is a pragmatist who listens before acting to implement the best operational solution.

Cindy Lauwereys, RP/QA Expert

After a 4-year career as a researcher in the Biotech sector, Cindy continued her career in the food sector in 2008, where she acquired the basics of Quality Assurance. 10 years later she switched to the medical devices sector as a Product Quality Engineer. In 2021, she switched to consultancy in the pharmaceutical industry, gaining experience during projects at Pfizer Puurs (manufacturing), Johnson & Johnson Beerse (transport) and Chiesi NV (distribution). After meeting the enthusiastic Q-support team during an RP GDP training in 2023, Cindy decided to continue her expertise at Q-support as a QA/RP expert.

With Cindy’s knowledge of Quality Assurance, GMP, GDP and experience with audits, she is prepared to help customers implement their quality system and acquire the necessary licenses, with a portion of enthusiasm and drive to tackle any project with good results, because the customer is king!

Maud DAVID, Business Growth Manager

With over 10 years of professional experience divided in two parts, both technical and commercial, Maud has a technical proficiency across a broad spectrum of skills and a comprehensive understanding of the life science industry.

This technical background coupled with a proven track records in sales and recruitment has equipped Maud with an unique perspective that will bring fresh insights to our Q-support Team.

Intuitive and charismatic Maud is an inspiring optimists, readily taking action to do what she feel is right for her organization and have the creative energy to achieve her goals.