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April Van De Mieroop, Industrial Pharmacist, Qualified Person, Responsible Person, Responsible Person for Information & Publicity

Since 2010, April has held several positions in Quality department of major international pharmaceutical and consultancy organizations before founding her own company Q-support. Her extensive knowledge of Quality and Distribution, and of the pharmaceutical industry wildly has already shown to be valuable in many complex projects.

Positive and determined, April always goes the extra mile to make it work.

Pierre Renauld, Industrial Pharmacist

After 20+ years in big pharma companies (Pfizer Animal Health, Wyeth Lederle Vaccines, known today as Pfizer, and Baxter International), Pierre joined Q-support to bring his RA expertise to offer a new RA service to our clients. Pierre has worked on European registration procedures, but also on geographical expansions in Middle East and Africa, complex remediations projects, and met European and national authorities on several occasions during Scientific Advise Meetings.

Married and father of 2 teenagers, his team spirit and calm temper allow him to stay focused on objectives during high stress situations. There is always a solution!

Melissa Larsen, Industrial Pharmacist, Qualified Person, Responsible Person

Melissa has worked since 2015 for pharmaceuticals companies like Alcon, Pfizer and Zoetis. She has experience in Regulatory Affairs and Quality assurance for both medicinal products and medical devices. Next to that, Melissa can act as both a Qualified Person and a Responsible Person.

Well organised, Melissa has the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time and is always eager to learn with every new project.

Christophe Nicolaij, Industrial Pharmacist, Qualified Person, Responsible Person

After his studies, Christophe started his professional career in 2013 at MSD, PIBe (now: Prothya), DeLaval and Sciensano where he gained experience in validation, Quality Assurance and as a Qualified Person.

His scientific interest and quality mindset enable him to critically meet the strict requirements within the pharmaceutical industry. With his drive, he can’t wait to get started, while his perseverance that he has bred in endurance sports ensures that he wants to bring every project to a successful conclusion.

Evelyne Berghmans, Pharmacist, Responsible Person

After first tasting life within the Public Pharmacies, Evelyne moved to the pharmaceutical industry in 2013. Evelyne has experience in Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance and has worked for several major pharmaceutical companies including Baxalta, Shire, DHL Supply Chain and Perrigo. Evelyne has gained her greatest experience in Quality Assurance as a Responsible Person, but now wants to expand her experience in Regulatory Affairs again.

Evelyne is a positive and enthusiastic person. She loves structure and is driven by bringing every new project to a successful conclusion.

Selly Van Parys, Industrial Pharmacist, Qualified Person, Responsible Person

Selly did het QP internship at Novartis Puurs where she then started her career in 2021 and gained experience in Quality Assurance, more specifically in deviation and escalation handling, APQRs and audits. By working closely with the Qualified Person, Selly’s interest grew to continue her career in this area.

Structured and eager to learn as Selly is, she will not shy away from any challenge and will try to bring every assignment to a successful end!