Responsible person
Our Responsible Person (RP) services

If your business is buying, storing, distributing or selling medicinal products, you will need to adhere to Good Distribution Practices and you will need to contract a Responsible Person. The Responsible Person will ensure the safety of the supply chain.

Q-support guides your business with a Responsible Person actively participating in the thought process and with a range of services fitting your needs. You will contract us for:

  • Handling complaints, returns and recalls
  • Preparing for and guidance during inspections by the FAGG, IGJ, ANSM, …
  • Performing internal audits and external audits
  • Training in GDP principles
  • Administrative release
  • Drawing up procedures or contracts
  • Establishing or reforming a quality management system
  • Licence applications

We’d be pleased to put our experts to work for you. Contact us to discover all the options.