Ethical Directives & Values
Ethical Directives & Values

As part of their services Q-support commits to apply the guidelines an requirements based on ISO 20700 – “Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services”.
Q-support is committed to respect the values and ethical principles mentioned hereafter:



Q-support applies a high standard of integrity in the exercise of the profession, in particular in relation with the clients.

Honesty and clear communication will always be maintained in the workplace.



In their relationship with customers, Q-support will provide objective advice. Q-support will not make career decisions based on personal relationships.


Independence / Prevention of Conflicts of Interest

Q-support acts in good conscience and maintains absolute independence, not giving credence to any pressure or influence, of any kind, that could affect objectivity and integrity.
Q-support implements the necessary procedures to prevent any situation of conflict of interest in the exercise of its mission.


Competence / Professionalism

Q-support is committed to maintaining its knowledge and professional skills up to date.

Q-support will in its discussions with potential clients be sincere about the type of service it offers, the knowledge and the experience required it possesses, or for which it does not have sufficient human and material resources.

Q-support will not accept projects for which it does not have the required competence and experience. Q-support will not accept projects for which it does not have sufficient human and material resources.
Q-support is flexible and available in the conduct of their services.


Discretion and Confidentiality

Q-support will take the necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality of all information provided by our customers. This obligation includes all information not publicly available, including all data, in any form whatsoever, about our clients, their products and services, suppliers, customers, employees, parent company and subsidiaries.


Loyalty and respect for people

Q-support commits to practice its profession with respect for the fundamental rights of the individual, and to maintain loyal and fraternal relations with its counterparts.



Q-support will operate in accordance with the regional, Belgian and European legislation in force.



Q-support commits to work together as a team to deliver the work to be done.



Q-support ensures that any obligations regarding communication about the assignment are fulfilled (e.g., confidentiality agreements, preparation of case studies, articles, requests for references, etc.), and that the client is debriefed at the end of the assignment.


During each phase of the mission Q-support commits the following:

Contracting phase

  • There will be clear and transparent communication with the client, to anticipate and limit the risks of the mission
  • Services will be offered that meet the specific needs and expectations of the client
  • The total scope of the project (including all deliverables and a schedule) will be clearly defined
  • The client will be informed completely and in a transparent way, as for the costs and time of execution of the mission, as well as the terms of our remuneration
  • A clear agreement on the modalities and restrictions of the transfer of intellectual rights will be provided.

Execution phase

  • The contractual arrangements agreed upon with the client during the contracting phase (i.e., in particular, provide all the agreed deliverables, at the price and within the time allowed) will be strictly observed
  • The client will be regularly informed of the progress of the project, as well as the difficulties encountered,
  • To negotiate clearly with the client any adaptations and derogations with respect to the project defined during the initial proposal phase.

Closure phase

  • All agreed deliverables will be finalized before considering the project as completed
  • The client will be provided with the administrative documents (invoices and required receipts) in a transparent and complete manner.

In case of dispute with a client

  • Q-support will use privilege to use the dispute resolution procedure according to the following priority order:
    • Conciliation through an approved conciliation center
    • Commercial mediation
    • Commercial Court